• 13–14June2014Rackspace Global HQ

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Two Days of Hackathon

- June 2014

Rackspace Global HQ in San Antonio, Texas

The Vision

Create the largest maker-space for students to tinker and hone their skills in coding.


Students from around Texas and the United States will join together for 36 hours to create awesome projects.


Show off what you have created to the world while getting useful tips from peers and mentors.

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Sponsorship plays a major role in the success of our event.

We Need Sponsors.
Want to help the community and get your brand known/ product used?
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Major Sponsors

Collegiate Partners

Partner Hackathons

Official Partner of the USA Science & Engineering Festival


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions feel free to go to the contact section to send us an email.

What is this hackathon you speak of?

A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects.

What do you mean by "hack"?

Don't worry. It's just a bunch of people getting together and coding. Nothing like the Defcon convention which is specifically for the purpose of hacking into computers. A hackathon is just a way to get people together to make awesome programs.

But I don't know how to program.

We will have a bunch of workshops aimed to help inexperienced people learn a few lines of code. Plus you can talk to the awesome people attending to learn more.

Who is eligible to attend?

As long as you are in high school or a middle schooler with an interest in programming, you are welcome. Just bring us some form of ID and you should be all set. If you are a college/graduate student and are interested in being a mentor, contact us for more information.

How much to attend?

It's free!

What do I need to bring?

A laptop and awesome ideas. We provide everything else (food, energy drinks, and so on).

Can I work on an existing project?

Sorry but everything must be new. But do feel free to work on ideas, design, and branding beforehand.

What can I make?

Anything that pertains to technology. As long as it's legal and ethical, you're good.

How awesome will it be?

Quite Awesome.


First Day

Ah yes. The first day of the hackathon. Arrive early Friday morning and dive straight into the hackathon experience with an API Expos and attend workshops in the evening to learn about new innovations in the tech world today.

Registration Opens

Breakfast Tacos Catered by Las Palapas

API Expo Begins

Opening Ceremonies and API Demos

Lunch Catered by Raising Canes


Workshops Begin End at 9 PM

Dinner Catered by Papa Johns

Second Day

All good things must come to an end, but not before you give it your best in the last 18 hours of the hackathon! Sleep can wait, get the project ready for demos at 2 PM

Midnight Snacks Sponsored by Github

Breakfast Catered by Las Palapas



Hack Demos Open to Public


Presentations/Awards/Closing Ceremonies

The Organizers

The Organizers

We know that without a team, this hackathon wouldn't be possible. So, here are some of the key players in this event.


Joshua Singer


Abhinav Suri


Canzhi Ye


Jacob Van Geffen


Kevin Wu


Jonathan Zong


Get in touch

Contact info

Send in a quick email and we would be happy to discuss sponsorships and general inquiries with you.